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Health Horoscope July 2019

Half of the year has passed already and so has the timeline for the resolutions you set early in the year. It is important to be in the best of shape, physically as well as mentally to achieve our best. So, continuing with the tradition, here are some valuable predictions for each sun sign for the month of July, as revealed by Pandit Manav Jaitly. Read the detailed horoscope here


ARIES :  Dear Aries, the coming month will be satisfactory for you but do remember to not take your health for granted. There might be days you may suffer from sudden pain in your lower back and joints as well. These can arise out of a busy schedule which might be because of your habit of sitting for longer hours. Regular physical exercise, movement will be good for you. Try to make the most of the season and get abundant Vitamin D to keep the bones healthy. You should also have a diet comprising of calcium and minerals to stay healthy

TAURUS : Rising temperatures and the ongoing heat wave will have a bad effect on your health. You might complain of headaches, acidity, digestive issues and dehydration. Try to cool your body down naturally and have a diet which is best suited for the summers. Avoid caffeine as much as you can. Also, practicing meditation and relaxed breathing exercises are one addition you should consider making to your lifestyle. It will benefit you and de-stress during busy days.

GEMINI : Geminis, there can be some bad news coming your way on the health front. You will be the most affected by the coming eclipse and your health will remain troublesome through the month ahead. If you have a busy month lined up, pay attention. Too much stress can result in anxiety, palpitations and diet issues. Take this as a reminder and learn to take a pause for good. Also, do not forget to nourish the body. Include plenty of proteins and roughage in your diet to keep recharged.

CANCER : You may not report any serious health issues and enjoy a good month all through, however, our astrologer recommends you to avoid overindulging, to the extent of compromising your health. Overlooking even the smallest of problems might cause problems later. Rest assured, it is best if you charge up your immunity with antioxidant-rich foods and outdoor activities.

VIRGO : Virgos, the month ahead will be a good one for you but we strongly recommend you to be watchful of your steps. Any sudden falls and injuries, even the household ones might prove costly if not taken care of. Also, as a preventive measure, in the peak summers, keep your skin protected from possible infections and allergies. As you recover from the gloom of the past month, keep energy-filled foods and natural drinks by your side. This will help you.

LEO : Leos will benefit the most out of the upcoming eclipse. Blessed with overall good health, they will be able to concentrate on the good things ahead. You will also feel less burdened by the heat, so overall, there will be no complaints health-wise. Following healthy habits, working out everyday and avoiding outside food will be good for you.

LIBRA : Librans are thought to be one of the most competitive signs and this month shall be a little testing for them. They will have issues flooding their mind, which will keep them occupied for long and may even make them neglect their health. It is also not a good time to make travel plans. Spending long hours outside will not be fruitful. Take care of your health to avoid problems later. Rest assured, this troubled state shall pass.

SCORPIO : With good health by your side, you will be able to achieve whatever you have in mind in the coming month. Your strong-headedness and go-getter spirit will also help you. If you do happen to travel outside a lot this month, practice good hygiene habits and dietary moderation. Yoga, relaxation techniques and chanting positive affirmations can channelize your energy and make you more productive.

SAGGITARIUS : July will be a rough month for you. Troubled weather, coupled with minor health ailments will make it tough on some days, adding to your stress levels. Stomach problems may also occur if you do not pay enough attention to your diet, making you more anxious than usual. Our astrologer advises you to make positive additions to your life and do away with negative energies right from home. Lighting agarbattis, incense sticks and listening to relaxing music can calm down your mind and provide a fresh outlook towards life. You should also eat rich anti-oxidant filled fruits and vegetables, including seasonal produce.

CAPRICORN : Pay good attention to your posture and sleeping manners, Capricorns. Even a slight bend can create problems and lead to lower back, cervical problems. Doing light stretches and exercises can reverse these issues and promote agility. Overall, your health won’t trouble you. Try to eat a nutrient-rich diet filled with leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds. If you have a busy work schedule, do not compromise on your food.

AQUARIUS : Aquarians shall love the coming month. Your health shall remain fantastic and support you throughout. Keep your head high and practice positive reaffirmations as good things are coming your way. Many might also receive an opportunity to travel outside, which will refresh your mind and body.

PISCES : Pisceans, your health will remain satisfactory. However, bad sanitation and hygiene might trouble you on some days, resulting in infections and seasonal allergies. Therefore, try to eat home cooked, fresh food and practice good hygiene when outside. Drinking plenty of water will also flush out germs and toxins from the body.

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