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Health Horoscope April 2019

If really we look forward to make a fresh start, we must understand this that, it is important to stay in the best of shape, physically and mentally. If you want to know how this month will fare for you, read health predictions for the month of April here:

ARIES :  Our Jyotish expert Mr. Jaitly predicts, the month of April might see some health problems crop up for them, which may hinder their daily life and routine. Increasing your water intake, making healthier choices with your cooking oils and keeping a tab on the salt intake can keep these problems away. You should also consume more seasonal fruits and summer veggies to improve your nutritional count.

TAURUS : Taureans are known to be fairly hot-headed and this personality trait might interfere with their daily life and take a toll on their mental well-being this coming month. While on the health front things will seem satisfactory, there might be chances of catching possible infections, ulcers and allergies. Therefore, it is very important that you cool your body down this summer and avoid these problems. Eat more cucumbers, have buttermilk, both have cooling properties. Avoid excessive intake of nuts, spices and acidic fruits which can increase heat in the body

GEMINI : Dear Geminis, pay attention to your health this April. If you have been suffering from any kind of chronic pain or aches, it is time you take care of that. Also, if you have been planning to change your fitness regime, April is a good month to do so. Adopting good diet habits, massages and physical therapy can help in eradicating back and leg pain. Try and exercise in the morning, which can help you get Vitamin D and remove any pain symptoms from the root.

CANCER : The coming month will be very fruitful and enriching, health wise. If you have been plagued by any kind of stomach ailment, mental stress or health problems in the past, rest assured, April will be a good month for you. You will be free from any kind of health issues and will be able to enjoy your life satisfactorily. Keep up with your protein intake and supplements which boost your body’s immunity to stay free from any problem or illnesses.

VIRGO : Virgos may battle a rough month ahead, keeping in mind the onset of peak summers and the seasonal changes it brings along. You might come down with a bout of sudden cold or cough, allergies which might even turn chronic if not taken care of. Hence, it is best if you protect yourself from these ailments. Avoid drinking cold or chilled water which can give you a bad infection. Take immunity boosting supplements and exercise daily for better health.

LEO : Leos, the fourth month of the year will work out great for you. With a stable health and recharged body, you will make great progress in your professional as well as personal life. There will be positivity coming your way. Also, if you have been looking to gain weight and perfect your body, treat this month as a good opportunity. Increase the intake of legumes and pulses on a daily basis. Consuming black coffee is also advisable.

LIBRA : With the changing weather, there is lot of dust and pollutants in the air. This will impact everyone but Libras especially will have a bad time dealing with it. As our astrologer predicts, there are chances that you might suffer from any breathing or respiratory issues. For smokers, the odds are higher so it is best advised you quit the habit. Consume honey on a regular basis and increase the plantation cover around your house which can filter out dirt and pollutants from the air naturally.

SCORPIO : Scorpios, we suggest you take care of your heart this month and eat right to prevent any future complications and maintain good health. Even minor cardiac issues can prove to be costly. Do not eat stale food and consume foods which are low on oil, calories and salt. Consuming giloy, a traditional root can help improve your health and cut down the risk of heart diseases and ailments.

SAGGITARIUS : For the Saggitarians, April may be a tough month to go ahead with. You can see a lot many issues prop up on the health front. If work or personal life is keeping you busy, consider taking break from it to prevent complicating health matters. Your immunity can suffer too which can ultimately lead to related health issues as well. Ensure that you get 7-8 hours of sleep every day and eat frequent meals to keep up with the body’s nutrition and diet.

CAPRICORN : Capricorns are one lucky zodiac sign who will enjoy a good month overall. Your productivity levels are all set to rise, which will keep you happy and content. You will also stay in good shape as fitness will become your priority. In fact, you are even set to gain from the retrograde going on right now. So, make sure to use this opportunity and accomplish whatever you want.

AQUARIUS : Aquarians will enjoy a good month health-wise but frequent temperament issues can cause a mismatch. Finding a way to cope with this is a good way to ensure you stay in the best of spirits, healthy and mentally too. Like Capricorns, the ongoing retrograde will work for you too so you can gain maximum benefits from this. Maintaining an ideal diet and workout regime can help you. Try to include more exercise into your routine.

PISCES : Pisceans, the change in season can catch you by surprise and you might find yourself surrounded by allergies or any dust- borne infections more frequently than you would possibly think of. There is also a chance that any contamination can also affect your liver so eat wisely! Proper hydration, cleanliness and clean eating habits can come to your rescue. If you suffer from any alcohol addiction, quit it for better liver health.

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