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Health Horoscope May 2019

As we look forward to making a fresh start every month, we should also be making health resolutions to stick to every month. Be it a simple change in your diet or fitness regime, all of these can make a big difference. Our Jyotish expert and well known astrologer Pandit Manav Jaitly has shared with us some valuable predictions for every zodiac sign!

ARIES :  Aries, May might find you in troubled waters on the health front so please pay attention to it. You might be plagued by bouts of low energy, increased temperament, and stress which will begin to show on your face so it is best advised that you have a diet which cools your body down from the inside.
Start eating salads of fresh vegetables and fruits. This is an excellent way to beat the heat. Drinking plenty of cool water made of cucumbers, coriander, and mint is also an excellent way to beat the heat.

TAURUS : If you want to stay away from any infections, it is best you stick to breezy cotton fabrics through the month for our astrologer predicts you might get caught under the weather and develop skin infections. You must include some protein sources in your diet in this month. Also drinking water in silver glass is too good in this May month.

GEMINI : Geminis and Saggitarians will be the ones most affected by the ongoing retrograde this year and that would have the maximum impact on their health. While they may be appreciated for the strong work ethics on the career front, frequent health problems like gastric ailments, mental stress, irritability, anxiety, and backaches may become common.
What to do: Eating an anti-oxidant and immunity boosting diet which includes many staple Indian foods can be a good way to tackle this problem.

CANCER : ay is a favorable month for people under the Cancer horoscope. Not only will they enjoy good health, people who have been suffering from any health complaints in the past will also find a solution to it- be it medicinally or otherwise. So, stay positive as good luck is around the corner.

VIRGO : Dear Virgos, do not let the seasonal dust and allergies get to you. Eye infections, congestion and throat rashes may bog you down in the coming weeks.
What to do: Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet. It can simply do the trick and boost immunity

LEO : With the sun as their ruling planet, Leos are regarded to be a little hot-headed. This month, we advise you to keep your temper problem under control for it may take a toll on your health and even lead to unexpected blood pressure (BP) shoot up.
What to do: Eat less salt and richer seasonal vegetables such as beetroot, pomegranate, and tomatoes. Consuming natural sugarcane juice can also come in handy.

LIBRA : Libras, try to stay away from polluted areas and environment this month. A weak lung may give rise to breathing difficulties and chest infections so beware. Also make sure not to step outside without wearing mask, this month will be become to hazy comparatively.

SCORPIO : Scorpios, the coming month looks good for you. There will be no such difficulty or hurdle you face risking on the health front.
What to do: Following a balanced diet and going for regular yoga and meditation classes will greatly benefit and relax you.

SAGGITARIUS : Health complications and issues will be keeping you occupied through May so it is not the best time to make a new start. Frequent bouts of cold, cough, fever and pain might make it difficult for you to concentrate on your busy schedules as it is.
What to do: Practicing guided meditation, pranayama can help you greatly.

CAPRICORN : For Capricorns, their health will be better than before. For those suffering from a thyroid issue or weight problem, May is going to be a good month for you.
What to do: Exercising in the early morning can be very helpful for you in solving many of your troubles. Keeping a check on your hydration levels can also keep summer woes aside

AQUARIUS : People who fall under the Aquarius horoscope will enjoy satisfactory health through the month but might experience bouts of cold with the changing weather.
What to do: Drinking turmeric milk will help you greatly! Also, try and avoid spices for better health.

PISCES : Pisceans, keep a check on what you eat this month. Stomach issues and ailments may become frequent and trouble you in the coming weeks.
What to do: Anti-oxidant rich diet and fiber-rich foods should definitely be included in your diet.

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